Thursday, 25 April 2013

To the rhythm of a CHA CHA!!

Coming in next in this mini series of one's to watch and it's Belarus. After a song change, they've settled on 'Solayoh' by Alyona Lanskaya.

Many Eurovision fans will probably question the motives behind putting this into my "one's to watch". Well if you listen to the song you'll really notice it's appeal - it's a very likable song in the sense that it's a light-hearted number with a catchy chorus that you'll remember when the contest is over - " the rhythm of a CHA CHA!". The melody would appear more to an Eastern/Southern market and so Belarus are likely to pick up some key diaspora voting. However! I have no doubt that with the right staging and draw this song will feature and Belarus could grab their second ever top 10. That makes it sound like they've been entering absolute dribble for years and years on end. Well they have been entering dribble (apart from 2007) but only for 9 years. Solayoh definitely changes that and I really wish Belarus the best of luck with this. In a year where simple catchy songs are less common, they really do stand a chance. Especially with the right draw, you could even see Belarus feature in the race for the grande prize - Denmark might be the favourites but this competition isn't over by a long way.

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