Thursday, 4 May 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Review: MOLDOVA



Right so Wild Soul... I Want Your Love... Falling Stars... I've had to clutch at straws to try and love Moldova over the last 3 years. When Eduard brought those sexy latex police officers I got all excited, but that's all I've had over the last 3 years from the land of Pasha. Let's quickly remind ourselves of the King and Queen of Moldova before we continue...

Queen Aliona (left) and King Pasha (right) waving the flag of Moldova for ESCKAZ (who own the rights to that photo)

WOW we haven't even covered what is happening this year with Moldova yet. Because aside from my own love, we have the return of the Sunstroke Project. Firstly I love the name. Secondly I love Moldova. Thirdly I love the EPIC SAX GUY. Oh my days, EPIC SAX GUY IS BACK!

I'm so god dam excited for Hey Mamma! People in our fandom hate this, I'm not even joking. Like ACTUAL HATRED. I will never understand why. You can call it boring or trashy or stupid or whatever you like, but this is in no way deserved of any hate... is it?

Hey Mamma was my #1 for ages and then I was like I actually prefer other songs and I shouldn't fall into the trap of putting a country as my #1 just because it's a certain country. So I readjusted my love for the song. And hell, it's a great, fun, and uplifting track. There's not too much going on to get lost with, and while I really need to emphasise I HAVE NOT SEEN THE REHEARSALS, I can't see this not getting pulled off on stage. Like the performance of this will definitely be remembered by voters because of the epic sax guy if for nothing else. Whether that means it wins votes is another thing, but it will definitely be remembered. But I think this definitely will win televote support, especially in the semi final! And that is because ultimately it's so easy to catch the hook on. People love jazzy elements, and Hey Mamma feels a hell of a lot better produced than Runaway did. The SunStroke Project have the worst performance of all the Moldovan finalists since 2005 and whilst you could argue that's under threat from a 26-song-long grand final, I think this is *sailing* through from the semi final.


My initial reaction: 100 (out of 12)

My current score:

My semi-final prediction: 9th
(I calculated Moldova to come 5th in the Televote and 17th in the Juries)

My final prediction: 17th
(This will do far, far, far better in the TELEVOTE than the Jury)

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